Over Ten Years of Experience

Specialized in Mechanical Joints and Coupler Manufacturing


In Quality, we believe.

Key Features:

High Quality Materials

We use high-quality raw materials and advanced technology to manufacture our couplers. The Pertless brand logo, along with the Iran Standard and product authenticity code, is engraved on all of our couplers.

Quality Assurance

By conducting weekly tensile tests on our products, we assure engineers and industry professionals of the credibility and quality of our couplers. All our couplers are tested in the factory using quality control gauges to ensure product consistency.

Advanced Technology

Our direct threading method is exclusively ours in Iran. Additionally, with modern factories and production lines, we employ the latest technologies in the production and quality control processes.

Product Variety

We manufacture various standard rebar couplers used in the construction industry, especially in reinforced concrete structures.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to providing better services to our customers and prioritize adherence to our motto, emphasizing the importance of "ethical and professional principles."