About Us

Pertless's Background

Pertless specializes in manufacturing a range of rebar couplers, which find widespread application in the construction sector, especially in reinforced concrete structures, offering a cost-effective alternative to lap splicing.

Founded in 2009, Pertless embarked on its mission to minimize rebar wastage in the construction industry, operating under the Pertless brand and formally registered as Pertless Sazeh in 2013.

In 2018, Pertless inaugurated its coupler manufacturing facility, equipped with multiple production lines catering to various types of mechanical joints. Following the acquisition of standardization certification in 2020, the Iranian Standard logo, alongside the distinctive “Pertless” brand, was imprinted on all manufactured couplers.


Quality is the top priority for us. We carefully choose High-rated materials suitable for different types of couplers and their technical needs.

Each coupler undergoes QC process using appropriate gauges to ensure uniformity in quality. Additionally, we conduct weekly tensile laboratory tests to assess the strength of connections facilitated by our couplers in order to make sure that our products are satisfying requirements for type 2 of mechanical splices.